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Upgrade your timepiece game with a cutting-edge watch, featuring a comfortable silicone strap and advanced automatic and hand-winding capabilities. Perfect for those who demand the best of both worlds, this watch ensures reliable timekeeping no matter what your day brings. And with its luminous hands that glow in the dark, you can easily keep track of the time in any lighting conditions. But that's not all - our watch also boasts a stunning case that exposes the mesmerizing automatic movement, turning heads and sparking conversations wherever you go. Treat yourself to the ultimate watch experience and order yours today.


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Water resistant

This timepiece is built with water resistance making it resistant to water splashes during hand washing and rainy days for instance. We do not recommend taking a dive or swimming with it.


All suppliers and manufacturers we work with are verified to make sure you receive great quality products. Quality checks are conducted during every manufacturing cycle. When you wear our watches, you are wearing an authentic watch manufactured by an authentic brand.

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Our timepieces come in beautiful black boxes with a black velvet interior. On top of the box is our carefully crafted golden logo that gives an impression of quality. We’ve received very positive feedback from owners who got their watches as a gift.